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You a Geek?

“whose unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person without fear of other people’s judgement”? *

Or maybe you just love imagining things and then bringing what you imagined into life. You take a break from it so that you can think about it. There’s always something else you can do to make it better but you never take a shortcut. Although it’s never perfect, you don’t give up trying to make it so. You always do the right thing even when it’s harder.

We started as geeks with a simple vision: every home needs a sidekick like ISY. We invented the first low cost embedded home automation product (ISY26) in 2007. Attracting likeminded geeks has been so important to us that the first thing we did was to put a Web Service Interface on our little resource constrained box. This is when Web Services were only available on servers.

We are still here. We are still here because we believe in our vision; because we get strength from our fellow ISYers; because we believe in doing the right thing even if it’s harder; because we don’t easily give up; and most importantly, because

We are still geeks

And we would love you to join us. Excitement is guaranteed as is limitless opportunities to quench your thirst for imagining, tinkering, creating, and making. You can literally integrate anything you can imagine into IoX, publish it into our store, and watch it fly and enrich the lives of others. And, if you wish, make money by selling your creations in our store. 

It may never be perfect but we’ll make it as perfect as possible. Together.

* Zachary Levi

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And Tools …

You are finally home! You can use your expertise in REST, SOAP, Node.js, Python, XML, JSON, Docker, Linux, BSD and pretty much any other language/framework binding to communicate with and extend ISY.

And, being geeks, our latest Plugin Platform inventions is called Polyglot . You will thoroughly enjoy developing Python/Node.js based plugins that can be deployed directly from your GitHub repository into Polyglot store and subsequently installed in IoX native nodes.

But, wait! You see, anything can be a Plugin and become a native node in ISY. Anything, literally! For instance, there’s nothing to stop you from making a Plugin from a robot or GPIO pins on ESP8266/Arduino/RPi. Or some virtual thing in the cloud. Or even personal holidays. In short, the sky is the limit.




Polyglot is a framework that enables you to integrate literally anything within IoX as native nodes. Polyglot is already preinstalled in both eisy and Polisy.
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Full SDK

Full Web Services/REST/Java SDK with full documentation and schemas. 
Download now …

ISY Developer Cookbook

If you want everything in one place – including Polyglot – this is the best place to start. 
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Online Documentation

If you prefer online documentation, our Wiki is the best place to frequent. 
UD Wiki …


In Touch … 

We would love to stay in touch with you. That’s why we have made it so easy for you to stay in touch with us and the rest of our community. Don’t worry, we have never and will never contact you for marketing purposes UNLESS you have explicitly signed up for them when you registered your ISY.


Interact with our developers, submit bugs, view code and everything else. 
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What’s  developer community without Slack? Request an invitation and we’d be delighted to welcome you to our extraordinary developer group. 
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Developer Forum

If you have not visited our forum – and especially the developer section – you have missed out! You will find 1000s of likeminded folks ready to help and, of course, discuss esoteric subjects with you. 
UD Developer Forum


If everything else fails, just send us an email. We love emails and we guarantee you that your email will not go into a blackhole!
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Things That You Can Ignore … 

This section is only for the sake of keeping historical information. Unless you just can’t stop enjoying everything ISY, you can safely ignore everything in this section.

Archive SDK [4.3.26]
Full Web Services/REST SDK, Java SDK, and Documentation with Open Source UDAjax

Archive SDK [4.2.30]
Full Web Services/REST SDK, Java SDK, and Documentation with Open Source UDAjax

Archive SDK [4.2.18]
Full Web Services/REST SDK, Java SDK, and Documentation with Open Source UDAjax

Archive SDK [4.0.5]
1. Full Web Services/REST SDK and Documentation with Open Source UDAjax
2. Java SDK

Archive SDK [3.3.10]
1. Full Web Services/REST SDK and Documentation
2. Java SDK

Archive SDK [3.2.6]
1. [3.2.6] Full Web Services/REST SDK and Documentation
2. [3.2.6] Java SDK
3. [3.2.6] ISY AJAX

Java Web Services
1. Java Web Services Tutorial by tgutwin

C# Examples
1. ISY Test Example
2. ISY Event Viewer Example
3. Control/Event Viewer

1. ISY Perl Library By evilpete
2. ISY Utils By Jeffrey Honig

1. ISY Python Library By evilpete
2. PyISY By rmk1139

1. Simple ISY PHP Library By MrWolf



Still Not Convinced?

As our testimonials can attest, we truly believe we are nothing without our customers. So, please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, suggestions, and comments. You won’t be disappointed.

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Do you want to do more research on our products, features, and even ethics? No problem! Just hop over to our 9K+ member strong forum where you can view and participate in lively discussions of all things UD | ISY and some other geeky and interesting stuff.

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