ISY994iZw Series

MSRP: $269-$339

ISY994Zw Series Features

  • Z-Wave and INSTEON compatible in one platform.
  • Fully Standalone and not cloud based
  • Supports ecosystem of thousands of Z-Wave devices including locks, lighting, and more.
  • Native support for OpenADR out of the box for residential or commercial applications

Field Upgradeable/Auto Upgrade

  • Many new features added regularly via firmware updates
  • Admin Console automatically notifies you of official firmware updates
  • Standard ISY994i is field upgradeable to ISY994i PRO to support additional devices/scenes

Realtime clock on board

  • Supports Daylight Saving
  • Supports automatic sync with internet time sources (NTP)
  • Automatically calculation of Sunrise/Sunset times based on location

Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world and on any platform

  • Monitor, control, and configure your system remotely
  • Secure Web Server with certificate management (up to 2048 bits)
  • Automatically create port forwarding rules on most UPnP enabled router
  • Browser-based Java Applet or Java Web Start Application
  • Support for Windows, MAC, and Linux

Device Management

  • Long range Z-Wave radio allows for easy pairing of devices. Once Z-Wave devices are included in the network, devices can be monitored, controlled and managed through the ISY’s built-in web server and Java-based Administrative Console
  • 3rd party products are available to monitor and control your home from your iPhone, PC, Android, and more!
  • ISY994 can be a primary or secondary controller in your Z-Wave network, allowing for maximum flexibility
  • Backup & Restore: backup your configuration easily
  • Create folders/sub-folders to help organize your devices and scenes
  • Support for most Z-Wave device classes, and single channel devices

Scene Management

  • Supports up to 1024 devices/scenes (PRO models)
  • Use simple drag/drop to easily create scenes containing multiple devices of INSTEON and Z-Wave devices
  • Create controller/responder relationships between all devices within the scene
  • Easily change scene attributes for each and every one of the devices within the scene

Programs, Schedules, and Variables

  • Programs are easily created by simple mouse point and click
  • Create complex schedules using precise time, from/to, days, sunrise/sunset times, offsets, etc.
  • Create complex triggers based on the combination of schedules, any event (e.g. key press), and many other triggers
  • Use Variables to control the flow of programs
  • Complete support for Wait and Repeat constructs including Random values
  • Custom and user defined email and SMS Notifications to custom user groups

IR Control (IR Models Only)

  • Control all your Z-Wave devices with any infrared universal remote (RC5-compatible)
  • Control other network-enabled devices using our optional Network Module (RS-232 devices can be controlled using an ELK IP232 or Global Cache GC-100 and more)
  • Non IR models can be field upgraded to IR platform

X10 Support (INSTEON)

  • Built-in X10 support includes the use of programs to control your X10 devices using IR, schedules, or events from other Z-Wave/INSTEON/X10 devices

Developer Friendly

  • Free REST, Web Services, and Java SDK for easy integration with 3rd party hardware and software – or development of your own
  • Discounts on products and modules for eligible developers

Network Security

All ISY models boast high level of client/server security with support for TLS1.0/1.1/1.2, High Grade Cipher Suites, and Digital Certificate authentication.

Model Comparison


Important notes

  • ISY994i requires an INSTEON serial PLM (not included). PLM model number 2413S is compatible with ISY and are available directly from Smarthome