At Universal Devices, our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction.  If you’re having a problem, we have a variety of support options available to help.

Current Official Release: 4.7.3 Beta Releases: Betas on Forum
Administrative Console
Please check out our wiki which contains a wealth of information available to you 24 hours per day.  Our wiki is always growing – if you find something you’d like to see added, please let our Support team know.
Universal Devices has a large, helpful community of users that exchange tips, tricks, and assistance on our forums.  Please drop by and take a look, and please post your suggestions and comments – we prioritize enhancements to our products based on your feedback. 
If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our wiki or community forums, please contact us so we can help.  For the quickest response, please be sure to provide a valid email address.  While we strive to respond to all tech support requests as quickly as possible, call backs may take 24-48 hours.
Follow us on Twitter for important announcements such as new products, modules, and firmware releases.
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List of SmartHome Certified Installers


All documents – including PDF version of User Guide – can be downloaded from our Wiki.

Firmware Updates

  • Please be sure to register your product. The ISY’s Auto Update utility, which is an integral part of all ISY controllers, automatically notifies registered customers of the latest release firmware updates and enhancements
  • You can manually update your firmware directly from the ISY’s Administrative Console (Help | Manually Upgrade menu item)
  • If you’re interested trying out a beta firmware release – which may include support for new devices – please check out our Current Releases Forum


You need latest version of Java to run the Admin Console:

  • For PCs and MAC download Java from here
  • Older MACs, please use Software Update feature on your MAC

SSL Certificates

For secure and confidential interactions with ISY over the Internet, it’s of utmost importance to

install a unique SSL certificate in ISY. SSL Certificates come in two flavors:

  • Self Signed Certificates are signed by UDI and thus will cause warnings on most browsers. UDI Signed Certificates are Free and may be generated and installed using our ISY Configuration Utility
  • CA Signed Certificates are signed by a Certificate Authority. Browser support and pricing for these certificates depend on the CA itself

For more information, please review our Wiki articles here.

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