At a Glance

Our utility products are Smart Grid ready, extend the capabilities of award winning ISY platform to support SEP 1.1 and thus can directly integrate and communicate with Smart Meters. All clusters are supported and immediately available for custom and user defined programs:

  • Metering Cluster
  • Price Cluster
  • DRLC Cluster
  • Message Cluster

Furthermore up to 10 events per cluster are stored, scheduled, and run at due time. All events are also published to network clients (such as Mobile apps) to allow the user to interact with the system and the utility in the most intuitive and seamless manner:

  • DRLC Opt in/out for scheduled and running events
  • Message confirmation

OpenADR is supported out of the box and enables seamless integration with OpenADR 1.0, 2.0a, or 2.0b DRAS or VTNs.

Important notes

Utility products need to be provisioned and registered by your utility provider.

Download our ISY994 Series Brochure