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Is Green?

Green refers to energy derived from renewable sources with a low environmental impact. The goal is to reduce harmful greenhouse gases. In residential and commercial context, usually, Green is associated with solar panels, electric vehicles, energy storage units, and wind turbines.

This said, with green comes other constraints that make mass adoption rather challenging:

1. Green energy is intermittent. e.g. during hot and windy summer days we may have excess energy and during cloudy days we may not have enough

2. Overgeneration/excess energy/reactive power is dangerous for the power grid

3. Green energy is still expensive. Without massive government subsidies, not everyone can afford going green

So, what’s the solution?

What if the consumers and the utilities could dynamically, and in real time, negotiate their energy needs? For instance, during the hot summer days, the utilities could ask the consumers to use more energy to help alleviate overgeneration. And, during cloudy days, consumers would reduce their energy use and/or discharge their storage back into the grid.

The real time negotiations between the consumer and the utilities requires a communications standard. That standard is OpenADR, and, we were one of the original editors for its specification. Also, ISY was one of the first certified products and currently the golden standard.

The real time negotiations between the consumers and the utilities addresses #1 and #2. But, what about #3?

Based on FERC ruling 745, saving energy (demand | response) is equal to generating energy (say from solar panels). In essence, those who don’t have solar panels, EVs, wind turbines, or storage could still participate in the energy negotiations by either curbing or increasing their energy usage. It’s immediately clear that you can do that with your fingers! As a matter of fact, Flex Alert logo and commercial are specifically about the power of your fingers!

This is indeed quite inexpensive but a little cumbersome and somewhat unpredictable: what if you are not there?

And, this is where IoT comes into the picture: with the ever ubiquity of low cost, off-the-shelf, and connected devices the whole process of negotiations between the utilities and the consumers can become fully automated. And, quite inexpensively.

ISY was specifically designed to seamlessly marry Energy Management, Automation, and IoT. And, ISY is your sidekick that helps you make sense of it all, save energy, save money, and save the earth.

You will find lively discussions at our Green forum.


Retail Automated Transactive Energy System

We are so good at what we do that we even won a "Energygrant from California Energy Commission. Not to mention that the latest revision of Title 24 in California mandates OpenADR certified devices for certification.


To top it all off, we have also been honored by the California Senate with the Environmental Sustainability Award.

Please take a look at the magnificent piece of architecture we designed, developed, and deployed called RATES (Retail Automated Transactive Energy System).

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You Can Count On

OpenADR Certified | Title 24

OpenADR Certified | Title 24

Starting on January 1st 2020, in California, Title 24 compliance (section 110.12) requires an OpenADR certified VEN installed in the venue. Install an ISY and you’re automatically compliant!

Smart Grid Ready

Smart Grid Ready

ISY994 ZS Series are Zigbee SEP 1.1 Certified. This means that they can natively talk your Smart Meters. This means that you can seamlessly incorporate your energy usage to manage everything in your home and office.

Low cost IoT

Low cost IoT

Not only you can purchase ISY itself off-the-shelf, it integrates with low cost off-the-shelf connected things. And, yes, it also integrates with Solar Panels, EVs, Energy Storage and inverters.

Full Energy Management System

Full Energy Management System

ISY is a full energy management system. It helps you respond to the grid based on your preferences and not based on what you are dictated.

Future proof

Future proof

You will never be limited with what you can do be it integration with things or incorporating the latest standards such as Transactive Energy.


@Your Fingertips

Unlimited Combination of Conditions (If)
– Event Driven | True Boolean Logic
– Time | Date | Recurrence
– Local Sunrise | Sunset with User Defined Offsets (Before | After)
– Device States | Occupancy | Temperature
– Electricity Price | Usage | Generation
– Variable Values | Climate | Security System

Unlimited Actions (Then | Else)
– Commands to Devices | Multi-Protocol Scenes
– Record | Playback Device States
– Custom Amazon Echo Voice Notifications
– Send Text | Email
– Trigger Program
– Set Variable Value | Timer | Repeat | Random
– Math Functions

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Yes, there are other use cases and configurations that must be supported. For instance – and especially in commercial venues – there might exist other building management systems. And, in some states, the only way to get energy information from the utility meter is through KYZ signaling. And, sometimes, you might want to install the system on a rooftops and thus have to measure the inside/outside temp.

We have gone through all these use cases and designed specific products to address these specific use cases.


  • ISY994 Embedded Inside OpenADR 2.0a/2.0b Certified
  • Can be extended with Zigbee or Z-Wave
  • 4 Relay Outputs @5A
  • Up to 480V Balanced
  • 5 Channels of Energy Monitoring +
  • 2 Pulse Counters or 1 KYZ
  • 2 Temperature Sensors
  • NEMA 4 Enclosure



  • ISY994 OpenADR 2.0a/2.0b Certified
  • Integrates with limited set of Zigbee PRO devices
  • RCS Zigbee Thermostat (TZB45)
  • RCS Zigbee Load Controller (PMC40
  • Brultech Energy Monitors (GEM and ECM1240)



  • ISY994 OpenADR 2.0a/2.0b Certified
  • 2 x 20 AMP dry contact relays

Used for venues with existing BMS systems. The relays are used to convey OpenADR signals to the BMS. The BMS then figures out what needs to be done based on those signals.



Of Sample Installations

Although 10s of thousands of ISY are out there helping saving earth, the following are a list of those we have been made aware of. Each slide also includes the use case and the product used.


ISY Into Your Products

Seamlessly integrate ISY into your products and immediately take advantage of all OpenADR, Smart Grid, and IoT features and capabilities. Support is guaranteed.

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