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Getting Started

For ISY994i Series, start on this page.
For eisy, start on this page.
For Polisy, start on this page.
For OpenADR, start on this page

UD Mobile

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Firmware Releases

Current official release: 4.9.0
Other releases on the forum

My ISY / ISY Launcher

ISY Launcher is an icon on your desktop that launches the correct UI regardless of your ISY model/firmware version and maybe found here.
If you are having problems, you might want to checkout these instructions.

ISY Portal

ISY Portal is the link between your ISY and everything cloud. More information can be found here.
And, you can login to your ISY Portal account here.


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Video Tutorials

You will find useful instructional videos here


You will find full documentation, instructions, examples, and tutorials in our Wiki
Don’t forget a heavy dose of our ISY Cookbook which makes you into a master ISYer in no time.


You can find solutions for most problems here.



In touch

Staying in touch with us, and our community, is so easy. Just give it a try and be amazed!


Do you want to interact with likeminded folks. learn from them, teach them, ask questions, and even discuss esoteric automation tales? If so, don’t hesitate to take a break from the mundane and join our 9K+ members forum for some excitement!

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