Rain or Shine? ISY994 + OpenWeatherMap

“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.” ~ Mark Twain

It’s all about the weather, whether it’s on the evening news or it’s the first app you open in the morning to plan your day, your week or your vacation. But wouldn’t it be great for your home or business to do the same? To prepare itself for changing weather conditions and automatically adjust things for your comfort, energy/water savings, and even parties?

Well, now it can! Combine your ISY994 with a global weather network service like OpenWeatherMap and do just that.

Your ISY will have up-to-date information on the current weather conditions for your area along with the 5 day forecast.



Control fans and ventilation based on current outside temperature.



Use the UV Index to notify when sunscreen may be required.


Retract your awning when high winds are detected.


Adjust irrigation requirements based on rainfall and ETo.



Raise or lower blinds based on current cloud cover.




With either the Polyglot cloud service or your local Polyglot, select the OpenWeatherMap node server from the store and click the “Install” button. Assign the node server to an unused slot.

From the Polyglot Dashboard, select the newly installed OpenWeatherMap node server Details and then Configuration. The following custom configuration parameters need to be configured.

When the configuration is finished, the node server will start polling OpenWeatherMap.org for current and forecast data. You can also control how often the data is polled and update using the ‘shortPoll’ and ‘longPoll’ advanced configuration options. ShortPoll defines how often current condition data is retrieved and longPoll defines how often forecast data is retrieved.

Once configured, you can be an enviro-hero and save water by optimizing irrigation, protect your outdoor patio furniture and awnings from wind, send a reminder to take your umbrella when rain is forecast and, of course, buy a vat of sunscreen to protect your skin when temperatures and UV levels soar.

If you have additional ideas for how this node server could be used, comment below.

Rain or shine? Your house wants to know!