ISY Modules
Installation Instructions


Installation @your fingertips …

Thanks so very much for ordering one of our Modules! Installation of Modules are quite simple:

  1. Login to the Admin Console. Please use the icon for ISY Launcher on your desktop. If you don’t have an icon, click on the My ISY button above. If you are still having problems, please follow these instructions to install ISY Launcher on your desktop
  2. On the Admin Console, click on Help | Manage Modules
  3. You will be prompted to install your purchased module. Please click the Yes button. In case of error, see our troubleshooting section below
  4. ISY will reboot after which your module is ready to be used


ISY portal


Please follow these instructions to setup your ISY Portal account so that you can enjoy Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, and other magnificent features!



No worries … 

The most likely error is ISY not being able to contact the server to update the installation record. If you have configured ISY with a static IP address, please consider
– Reverting to DHCP, Or
– Use for the DNS server

Still having problems? Do not sweat! We are right here for you. Please contact us.