The subject says it all! 

This milestone has been in the making for the past 12 years and for very good reasons. First and foremost, we had to make sure ISY was rock solid and feature packed. With 5.0.x firmware being very close to release, ISY is now the one and only product that lets you give your customers unprecedented levels of integration and comfort. ISY’s energy saving capabilities, such as OpenADR and Smart Meter integration, give you the tools to not only save energy and money for your customers but also apply for country wide rebates and incentives.

The other very important reason was our quest to make sure your investment in UD and ISY is not only safe but also profitable. With the ubiquity of low cost command/control hubs, we didn’t feel comfortable with our value proposition. Things have dramatically changed since then. We now have tens of thousands of registered customers on this site and not a week goes by that we are not asked for ISY professionals. Combine this with our utility and government contracts/grants, and you have a  world class, reputable, and solid partner behind you.

Here’s a high level list of what you are getting with your membership:

  1. A brand new ISY994i ZW+/IR PRO with a 2 year ISY Portal subscription completely free.
  2. Generous discounts on all products, modules, webinars, training sessions, and bundles (including with third parties such as SmartHome)
  3. First to be notified of availability for preorders
  4. Priority support with a dedicated phone number
  5. Dedicated and secure page for specials and events
  6. Exposure to our 10s of thousands (and growing) customer base who can search for you based on location and expertise
  7. Evaluated as an integration/installation partner for Utility related programs and grants across the U.S. and Canada
  8. Use your profile as a blog post of your activities

Thank you for joining us!