$3.2M CEC Grant (GFO 15-311/Group 2)

Based on years of experience in the fields of energy management, automation, and IoT – and in conjunction with expertise provided by Dr. Cazalet (the father of Transactive Energy) – Universal Devices, Inc. proposed RATES (Retail Automated Transactive Energy System) as response to California Energy Commission’s Grant Funding Opportunity GFO 15-311/Group 2 Solutions That Allow Customers To Manage Their Energy Demand.

Universal Devices, Inc. is proud to announce CEC’s approval of RATES proposal and a $3.2M award for implementing and pilot testing the solution in Southern California Edison’s territory.
RATES is based on the premise that customers should be empowered with making decisions on their energy usage and all costs associated thereto. In order to achieve this goal, RATES proposes that customers subscribe to and pay for energy usage at regular intervals. A low cost, autonomous, off-the-shelf and IoT based Automation/Energy Management System (ISY) is utilized to take customer preferences, sensory, Smart Meter/Inverter, and environmental information (including DER), and then applying an algorithm to either automatically shift load usage, or purchase additional energy (at spot prices) while excess energy is credited. Another very important feature of RATES is that it completely does away with any type of measurement/verification, baselines, prepaid rebates/incentives and all the exorbitant associated operational/administrative costs that go with these activities.
In addition to our gratitude to CA tax payers and CEC, Universal Devices, Inc. wishes to thank the following organizations for their support of this innovative and revolutionary project:
Southern California Edison
OpenADR Alliance

For detailed specification and architecture, please visit our RATES page.
For more information, please contact us at businessrelations@universal-devices.com.