eisy Speaks!

Are you tired of struggling with Alexa routines just to get simple audio announcements? Do you dream of streaming your favorite tunes or live streaming your favorite radio stations through your Bluetooth speakers, free from the irritating interruptions of your phone’s notifications and sounds? Well, it’s time to put an end to the struggle and make those dreams a reality because now eisy can easily handle it all for you!

All you need is our latest Audio Player plugin!


  • Hassle-free audio announcements: Just provide the text, and let eisy do the rest!
  • Translate your text: Specify the desired translation language, and eisy will do the translation for you (e.g., from English to French).
  • Easily stream your favorite live content: Share your list of live stream URLs with eisy, and it will take care of streaming them for you.
  • Flexible audio output: Stream to either the headphone jack or your Bluetooth speakers with ease (requires the free Bluetooth plugin).
  • Convenient output switching: Easily switch between the headphone jack and Bluetooth speakers even while playing content.
  • As always, everything is integrated with eisy programs so that you can automate everything.


$5.26 one-time fee.


  • eisy firmware version 5.8.0 and above.
  • For Bluetooth, you need the free Bluetooth plugin.

You don’t have an eisy yet? Get 12% discount to upgrade!

Yes, you get 12% discount by using coupon code TQZKM9GD (expires 3/23/2024). 

If you’re upgrading from a Polisy, you will also get an additional $30 refunded back to your CC. Once you place the order, please send an email to sales with the copy of your invoice/order for Polisy.

Upgrade is as easy as backing up your 994 and restoring on your new eisy (except for Z-Wave). Here is the link to the complete migration instructions.