ISY994 / ISY Portal Service Announcement!

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed, we have had ISY Portal outages and service degradations recently, primarily stemming from the outdated technology utilized in ISY994 (particularly firmware versions below 5.3.4). These issues led to rapid connect/disconnect/subscribe payloads, overwhelming the resources of ISY Portal.

Regrettably, these reliability issues have caused disruptions for both you and other users. To ensure continued service, we’ve implemented a lower security setup specifically for ISY994 connections. However, maintaining multiple setups has proven to be more costly than anticipated.

Consequently, we find it necessary to adjust the renewal pricing for ISY994 to $44/year, with renewals limited to one year. Rest assured, renewal rates for eisy remain unchanged at $24/year or $39 for two years.

We encourage you to consider upgrading to eisy, as it offers enhanced features and cost-effectiveness for everyone.  As an incentive, we’re offering a complimentary 1-year ISY Portal subscription along with a 12% discount on all hardware for those who choose to upgrade (please see the bottom for more information).

We understand that this news may be disappointing, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. Your satisfaction and ongoing support are very important to us, and we remain committed to delivering the best possible service.

With kind regards,


Upgrading information:

Upgrade is as easy as backing up your 994 and restoring on your new eisy (except for Z-Wave). Here is the link to the complete migration instructions. What you need:

You get 12% discount by using coupon code HAE52KSJ (expires 05/21/2024). Once you get your new eisy, please contact and request for 1 free year of ISY Portal.