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eisy | home is our 7th generation home automation controller and energy management system. It’s called eisy because it’s based on the same rock-solid ISY technology as its predecessors while also restructured for ease of configuration and use through our fantastic UD Mobile App. eisy is packed with power and flexibility and it’s so cute that some of us call it ‘cutie’! You don’t believe it? Checkout this video.



  • Intel Celeron Quad Core @2.9GHz | 8GB RAM | 60GB Storage | TPM 2.0
  • WiFi 6 | Bluetooth 5.2 | 1 x Gigabit Ethernet | 4 x USB Ports | 2 x 4K HDMI Ports 
  • Internal NVMe slot can extend storage to 1TB

Operating System:

Refined version of FreeBSD. UD manages building and maintaining the kernel and core/required packages. The OS and packages were designed to be easily field upgradeable and ensure that you configure once and run forever.

Device Support

  • INSTEON Support – Requires a PLM (not included): 2413S, 2413U, or 24487U. If you are using 2413S (serial/RS232), then you will need our Serial PLM Kit
  • Z-Wave Support – Requires our ZMatter USB dongle (not included)
  • Zigbee / Matter Support – Requires our ZMatter USB dongle (not included). Zigbee and Matter support will not be available till 03/2023
  • 100s of other devices and services are supported through our awesome and vetted third-party developed node servers (plugins). Here’s the list

How Easy Is It to Setup?

  • Plug in the power cord to your eisy
  • If you have a WIFI network, nothing else is necessary. If you prefer using a wired connection, plug in an Ethernet cable to the network port on eisy. Ensure that your network is DHCP enabled
  • Install UD Mobile by scanning the QR Code below on your mobile phone:
  • Let UD Mobile guide you the rest of the way

For your viewing pleasure, here are some videos:

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