No Hub Hue!

“Are you experiencing difficulties maintaining a connection between eisy and your Philips Hue hub, perhaps due to non-discoverable hubs or changing IP addresses after power outages? If so, you can now seamlessly integrate your Philips Hue bulbs with eisy via ZMatter USB, thereby eliminating the dependency on the hub.

Here’s a brief video demonstrating how simple it is to add your Hue bulbs to eisy.


You don’t have an eisy yet? Get 12% discount to upgrade!

Yes, you get 12% discount by using coupon code XPK5WQ38 (expires 05/07/2024). 

If you’re upgrading from a Polisy, you will also get an additional $30 refunded back to your CC. Once you place the order, please send an email to sales with the copy of your invoice/order for Polisy.

Upgrade is as easy as backing up your 994 and restoring on your new eisy (except for Z-Wave). Here is the link to the complete migration instructions.