Migration to eisy Just Got Easier!

Have you been holding off upgrading to eisy because of the 994 firmware requirements? Well, hold off no more as migration to eisy has never been easier! Simply backup your 994 with firmware versions 4x or 5x and then restore them onto your new eisy.

Ah, and don’t forget to get 12% discount on your purchase.

Why should I upgrade?

  • 994 is no longer supported.
  • Support for newer INSTEON i3 products.
  • Instant push notifications to UD Mobile from your programs.
  • Geo Fencing lets eisy perform different tasks based on your location.
  • Camera support on UD Mobile.
  • Integration with over 120 other devices and services such as Ring, Ecobee, ELK, Tesla, Roomba, Wemo, Sonos and Weather Services.
  • Minimal learning curve because you can still use the same familiar Admin Console interface. 

How easy is it to upgrade?

If you have a 994 with firmware versions 4.x or 5.x and don’t have any Z-Wave devices, it’s as easy as:

  • Backing up your 994.
  • Disconnecting the PLM from your 994 and connect it to a USB port on eisy using the Serial PLM Kit.
  • With one click, migrate your ISY Portal License as well as Alexa and Google Home configurations to your new eisy.

If you do have Z-Wave devices, and due to the nature of Z-Wave routing algorithms, migration might not be as seamless. Here’s the link to the complete migration instructions.

What do I need?

What’s the discount coupon?

The discount coupon is 2UQHUJSB and it expires on 12/04/2023.