Bye Bye ISY994i !

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”
― Heraclitus

Thanks to you for its enormous success, and after 14 years of rock-solid operations and performance, sadly we must say goodbye to our beloved ISY994i Series.

What Models Are Affected?

With the exception of ISY 994r, ISY 994 PRO OADR, and OEMs all other models are affected.

What Does It Mean for Me?

As long as your unit works, nothing! Otherwise:

  • We no longer carry any spare parts and/or replacements.
  • Starting 06/01/2023:
    • You can no longer add modules to your existing 994s. 
    • All requests for transfer from one 994 to another 994 will require a $125 transfer fee. 
    • Free technical support will cease for any issues relating to 994i Series. Paid support will remain available till 06/01/2024.

What Are My Options?


If you have any questions, please submit a ticket