Insteon i3 Product Support

eisy makes it easy to add insteon i3 products.

eisy (or Polisy) version 5.5.9 now has initial support for i3 products: 4-Button Keypad, Dual Outlet, Dial, and Paddle.

What is initial support?

Although support is almost complete, but due to lack of documentation, the following is not yet working:

  1. i3 paddle status changes are not communicated to IoX
  2. Some options are not settable

We are working with on getting these minor issues resolved ASAP.

What do I need?

If you already have an eisy or Polisy with a PLM attached, simply upgrade your unit to 5.5.9. Here are the instructions.

If you have a 994, you need:

  1. eisy 
  2. Serial PLM Kit – this allows you to connect your PLM to eisy

Migration from 994 to eisy is really easy! Here are the instructions

Is there a discount?

Yes, you can use coupon code UDSN5YYX for $25.00 off. (expires 03/15/2023)