Automate Your Shades!

Blinded by the Light? Try Automated Blinds and Shades.

Automated window shades and blinds may seem like something you’d only see in the mansions of the rich and famous, but there are numerous benefits — and the cost may be lower than you’d think.

Automated window coverings can play a big role in managing energy use and cost. Automating your shades using eisy and the weather plugin of your choice, you can have south-facing window coverings automatically open to take advantage of the limited outdoor light in the winter, or when it’s colder outside, and help keep your home warmer, reducing the load on the HVAC system. In the summer, or when it’s hotter outside, close coverings on western-facing windows to help keep your home cooler. For more information see

In addition, automated shades and blinds can enhance your privacy and deter thieves. With automation using eisy, you don’t have to walk around the house raising and lowering blinds every day; eisy can automatically and easily adjust them on a schedule of your choosing. And no more nighttime peeping Toms! With blinds open during the day and closed at night, your home will look occupied even when you’re away for a day or two, making it less of a target for the bad guys.

eisy makes it easy to find a shade and blind that works with your decor and budget.

You can make dumb shades smart!

You can update your current shades, if they use a pull chain or pull cord, with the RYSE Smart Shade.

Lutron never fails

Lutron provides a large range of cellular, roller shades and wood blinds.

Somfy’s been there forever

Somfy has a wide selection of automated windows covering solutions.

SmarterHome makes your blinds and shades smarter

SmarterHome has both replacement shades and blinds along with kits to automate existing installations.

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Migration is pretty eisy! Here are the instructions.

Please note that for INSTEON support, you will need our Serial-PLM-Kit or you need to build one (part#s and pinouts are provided in the same link).

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