Instant Notifications!

Don’t miss another important notification! Say goodbye to complicated email settings and confusing text messages from unknown numbers. Install the latest Notification plugin (node server) and enjoy hassle-free, reliable, and instant alerts. Do you want to see how easy it is on UD Mobile? Watch this video!

Plus, for the tech-savvy enthusiasts, customize it to your heart’s content through the Admin Console. Experience convenience, security, and peace of mind today. IMPORTANT: please see the prerequisites

Supported Notification Services

UD Mobile
– Automatically setup by UD Mobile App which uses UD Portal service. 

– Simple push notifications to Android and iOS.

– Secure chat app which allows setting up your own channel to send notifications.
– These can be shown on Android Auto, and possibly Car Play. None of the other methods show on Android Auto.

UD Portal
– Uses the ISY Portal notifications which are handled by the UD Mobile app. Will be replaced by UD Mobile.

– This feature is planned for the future.

Notification Plugin Versions

Free Version

– Automatically installed by UD Mobile (if not already installed).
– Only allows sending messages with through UD Mobile.
– Only allows 8 messages per day.
– Does not retry on failure.

Standard Version

– Free Trial for 30 days – $15 one-time fee.
– Will continually retry to send the message when the service or internet access is down.
– Easily switch between sending to one user or a group:

  • By editing settings in the Admin Console.
  • Or on the fly in a program.

– When a services API key changes it only has to be updated in one place
– Includes future enhancements:

  • Attempts retry to a “fallback” service when desired service is failing. For example, if UD Mobile service is down, it can fall back to pushover or telegram.
  • Make Retries persistent so they will continue to retry after a system/service restart/reboot.
  • Email support

If you really appreciate this plugin, please consider upgrading to the Standard version to help support the developer’s efforts.

For more information, including examples, please check out this document.
For support or feature requests, please visit UD Forum or Project GitHub.

Prerequisites & Discounts

– Polisy or eisy. Get $25 discount for eisy using coupon code KMP8QEXA (expires 07/05/2023)
– Active ISY Portal License
– UD Mobile 
– IoX version 5.6.2 and above
– PG3x version 3.1.31 and above

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a Polisy, and if you want to use UD Mobile automatic features, you must migrate to PG3X using the instructions here. If you wish to stay on PG3, and recognizing the shortcomings, your PG3 needs to be on version 3.1.23 or above.