Plugin Spotlight: ELK!

ELK Plugin is the perfect companion for your eisy/Polisy. It will keep your home as secure as a watchful elk in the wilderness, gives you Instant Notifications when something is amiss, and lets you monitor everything on UD Mobile!

What you can do:

  • See the status of all ELK Areas, Zones, Thermostats, Keypads, Outputs, and Counters on eisy/Polisy.
    Get UD Mobile!
    Get UD Mobile!
  • See all system fault status from the ELK and Zones.
  • eisy/Polisy can tell ELK to speak any allowed words or phrases.
  • Control any eisy/Polisy linked devices (INSTEON, Zigbee, and Z-Wave) on, off or brightness levels from the ELK keypads.
  • Control a scene by putting a Zone or Output in the scene.
  • Get instant push notifications of any/all events you desire.
  • Works great in UD Mobile Android and iOS.

Checkout everything you can do with this Plugin here


$30 one-time fee. If you already have the ELK Module on your 994, you can get 50% refund by sending your 994 UUID + ELK Plugin invoice to


eisy or Polisy firmware version 5.6.4 and above
Notifications plugin for instant push notifications 


For instructions and help, please visit ELK Plugin’s github site. ELK Plugin also has a dedicated forum here

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