More Zigbee & Z-Wave OTA!

You can now incorporate all these types of Zigbee Sensors into your eisy/polisy:

Motion Sensors
Contact Switch
Fire Sensor
Water Sensor
CO Sensor
Emergency Sensor
Movement/Vibration Sensor
Key Fob
Glass Break

And this is just the beginning. In the upcoming releases, we’ll have support for the majority of the Zigbee devices and especially those that you have requested here.

In addition, we now have Z-Wave OTA (Over the Air Upgrade) support for Intel Hex firmware (others will be supported shortly). So, go ahead and upgrade the firmware on those Z-Wave devices that are in desperate need of some love!

And finally, ZMatter/Z-Wave now supports all frequencies across the globe! Contact us for more information.


eisy or Polisy firmware version 5.6.4 and above
ZMatter USB

Are you still hesitant upgrading your 994 to eisy?

Perhaps we can help!

  • If your hesitation is because of the requirement to upgrade your 994 firmware from 4.9 to 5.3.4, please contact us and we’ll help you migrate your backup.
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