Plugin Spotlight: Tuya, SmartLife, TreatLife

Extend your integration with Tuya based devices!

Tuya Plugin (Node Server) – TreatLife

  1. LED Strip V1 
  2. Color LED Bulb V2SL10
  3. LED Bulb V2 –Day Better
  4. Switch V0 
  5. Switch V1 
  6. Switch V2 
  7. Switch Dimmer 

Tuya PIR Plugin (Node Server)

  1. PIR –Motion
  2. PIR –Motion
  3. PIR –Motion
  4. PIR –Door Contacts

Tuya Relay Plugin (Node Server) 

  1. Smart Home Newgoal

Tuya Sweeper Plugin (Node Server)

  1. Smart Life – G20 Sweeper Vacuum


eisy or Polisy firmware version 5.6.4 and above


For instructions and help, please visit our dedicated forum topic here.

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