The Wait Is Over!

5.3.0 Is Now Official
Z-Wave Plus Certified

“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” ~ Moliere

We have been working on 5x firmware for about 5 years now while, along the way, we developed Polyglot, Polyglot Cloud, Polisy and – thanks to our fabulous developer community – about 90 node servers. We are extremely happy to announce that 5.3 firmware is now official and it’s Z-Wave Plus certified!

Important Notes:

  • Firmware releases 5.2+ do not work with older versions of the Z-Wave Module (300 series). Please take a look at the back of your ISY. If you see a blue LED next to the Port A jack, then you have an older version of the Z-Wave dongle. Please check upgrade eligibility, discount, and ordering, and assembly instructions. Alternatively, you can upgrade your ISY to ISY994i ZW+ Series.
  • Upgrade from 4.x firmware to 5.x firmware is not automatic and requires manual intervention. If you wish to upgrade to 5.3, please carefully review these instructions


As a token of our appreciation for your patience during our journey to 5.3, for a very limited time, we are offering 20% discount on ISY994i ZW+ Series, and Polisy. Please use the following coupon code at checkout: