Back to the Future!

Due to overwhelming demand, eisy went out of stock in record time. Our next large shipment is on the way and we expect to fulfill orders by July 15, 2024. However, a large portion of this shipment is already allocated to our valued integrators, dealers, and utility customers. We encourage you to take this opportunity to preorder to ensure availability before we run out again.

Upgrading information:

Upgrade is as easy as backing up your 994 and restoring on your new eisy (except for Z-Wave). Here is the link to the complete migration instructions. What you need:

  • eisy with firmware version 5.8.3 and above (shipping version is 5.84)
  • Serial PLM Kit if and only if you want to use your existing PLM (recommended)
  • ZMatter USB (optional)


Yes, of course. Use coupon code 5WUTJVSD for 12% off (expires 08/01/2024).