Your Own Energy Expert!

Take a listen to this awesome recording.

We are very excited to announce the launch of Energy Expert, the Alexa Skill and ecosystem of things that will enable you to better understand and optimize your energy usage and costs. Energy Expert uses OpenADR 2.0 standard to manage and process Time of Use prices. Two of the most electrifying features of Energy Expert are Proactive Notifications and Automatic Optimization. Take a listen to this awesome recording.

Automatic Optimization uses your Energy Savings Preferences (low to high), and energy price for that duration, and temporarily automates your things to optimize your energy usage, savings and comfort. For example, Energy Expert may temporarily adjust your thermostat setting to save energy during peak energy times.

Through Alexa as well as SMS/email, Proactive Notifications provide you with helpful energy information and tips. For example, Energy Expert may notify you of the best time to operate your connected appliance(s) to save energy and money based on your current rate. Or, you may be notified of an activity that goes against your Energy Savings preferences.

Energy Expert is trained to help you achieve your energy savings goals. Energy Expert is not there to take over your life nor is it going to force you into doing something you don’t like. As such, you can opt out at any time using Alexa voice commands, manually adjusting the device being optimized, or through the ISY Portal.


If you are already a participant in Southern California Edison Smart Speaker Project, to get started, please follow the instructions here.

If you are a Southern California Edison or PG&E customer and wish to be considered for participation in this program with your existing equipment, please contact