IPSO Alliance Co-Chair

We are proud and excited to announce that Michel Kohanim is now the co-chair of IPSO Alliance’s Semantic Working Group. IPSO Alliance’s mission is to enable IoT devices hardware and software interoperability between disparate physical and virtual entities across different frameworks and protocols.

“Having the opportunity to work with IPSO Alliance members and IoT industry leaders in refining and shaping the future of IoT interoperability is a privilege and in full alignment with our goals and roadmaps as a company,” said Michel Kohanim, CEO of Universal Devices, Inc.
With the ubiquity of IoT devices, and after more than 10 years of experience in automation, energy management, and device/protocol development, it became clear that the old paradigm of defining the whole world, developing/compiling drivers for each type of device and/or variations thereof, testing, and updating firmware is neither efficient nor sustainable. In this respect, for the past 3 years and under the leadership of our CTO, Chris Jahn, UDI has been hard at work coming up with a meta language – Node Meta Model (NMM) – that defines how things in the world can be described, understood, and integrated at runtime (rather than compile time) and, in short, behave as semantically interoperable. Our 5.0x ISY firmware, includes native support for NMM and Polyglot – our Proof of Concept Python based NMM client library. ISY and Polyglot seamlessly integrate such disparate things as Nest, Sonos, Lifx, Kodi, Phillips Hue, and even an Outback battery/storage inverter.
“This is the future of IoT and I strongly encourage all the IoT makers and device manufacturers to join us at IPSO Alliance and help shape the future”, said Kohanim.