To Polisy and Beyond!

The long wait is finally over: Polisy is now shipping! Polisy is ISY’s companion that extends your automation wishes to infinity and beyond. Click a couple of buttons and integrate with weather services, Philips Hue, LiFX, Ecobee, Roomba, Sonos, Tesla, SolarEdge, and a growing list of other things.

Polisy PRO With Dual Band WiFi and Bluetooth (4.0)

Polisy is powerful. It boasts 1Ghz Quad Core AMD CPU, 4GB RAM, 32GB 3D NAND SSD, 3 x 1 GB Ethernet ports, and extensive I/O features. Its prowess is assured by a lean fine-tuned version of BSD Unix. Its security hardened by TPM boot. Its reliability, viability, and support is guaranteed by the same team that brought you the ISY.



Polisy is preconfigured with our revolutionary Polyglot framework that allows integration of anything into ISY. These things show up just like any other device, can be included in scenes, and available in programs.

For instance, our Tesla Poly enables you to use battery range, state of charge, and your own preferencees – such as price of electricity – as conditions to automate when to charge/discharge. Or use an INSTEON / Z-Wave motion sensor on the ouside of your home as a trigger for your Tesla to honk the horn and flash the lights to thwart off intruders.

For your reading pleasure:
Polisy Quick Start Page
Polisy User Guide

Lest we forget, if you are a geek like us, you would want to know that we value your geekiness so much so that:

  • If you have already published a Poly in our Polyglot store, you get Polisy for free
  • Verified developers get 50% discounts on all our products, modules, and bundles including the preorder for Polisy
  • You get all products and modules in your hands before the general availability
    If you have not signed up as a developer yet, well, what are you waiting for

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